eco humidifier


Ecological towel-shaped ceramic humidifier that doubles as artwork

At first glance, you might think this product is just a towel. But look closely and you’ll realize it is a ceramic eco-humidifier that doesn’t require electricity — it naturally releases moisture into the atmosphere. The secret is in the blend of clay materials and the firing process. Because the ceramic has been fired to a porous state, it has excellent moisture absorption and releasing capabilities so that it can be used as a humidifier simply by immersing it in water and then placing it anywhere in the room. You can easily tell when to replenish the water since the ceramic’s color deepens when it absorbs moisture, and turns back into its original color when dry. While many people use a bucket or other vessels to fill with water when the air conditioner dries up the room, it is not a very attractive solution. The ONTANO eco-humidifier can be moistened and used again and again, while at the same time doubling as a stylish interior artwork for your home.


  • 1000 / 1000